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If you'd like to participate in research and schedule a paid session, at the Center for the Study of Group Processes located on the 3rd floor of the Becker Communication Studies Building (315 BCSB).

About the Center

On January 20, 1992, the Center for the Study of Group Processes was formally established in the Department of Sociology at The University of Iowa. This represents an explicit commitment by the University to provide infrastructural support for multidisciplinary research on group processes.

The mission of the center includes:

  • Promoting basic research in the field of group processes enhancing the professional development of faculty and graduate students in the social sciences
  • Facilitating the development of proposals for external funding
  • Strengthening the reputation of The University of Iowa as an innovative place for theory-based, scientific research on group processes

In service of this mission, the Center seeks to:

  • Maintain a laboratory with sufficient equipment and space to meet the needs of faculty and graduate students engaged in classic and cutting-edge group processes research at our university
  • Stimulate cross-disciplinary intellectual exchanges among scholars studying group processes
  • Facilitate the development of stronger interdisciplinary components in the graduate curricula of diverse departments
  • Attract visiting faculty from the U.S. and abroad to spend sabbatical leaves at The University of Iowa in conjunction with the Center
  • Organize periodic mini-conferences or workshops that bring together scholars from outside the university to work intensively on a particular problem

Creating the Center, it was hoped, would help to assemble the "critical mass" of interested faculty and students, research activities, and resources needed to make this the premier group processes research facility in the world.

To find out more, contact Alison Bianchi.


Andrea Bianci

Alison Bianchi , Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of the Center for the Study of Group Processes