About headline

Iowa is one of only a few integrated sociology and criminology departments at R-1 institutions in the nation; this supports our strong focus on race, gender, ethnic, and class aspects of criminology, and allows our students to blend coursework and training in these areas seamlessly. 

The Department of Sociology and Criminology offers our students the opportunity to ask essential questions about the societies in which we live and participate in research with nationally renowned faculty on a host of topics.  Our students develop strong theoretical foundations that combine with broad methodological training to develop the skills that lead to successful professional and academic careers; and our culture is characterized by a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Why Iowa?

For students interested in society, crime, and social justice who want a strong foundation for a variety of professional, legal, research or academic careers, only Iowa delivers the benefits of an integrated sociology and criminology program with exceptional training in writing and communication.  For a large research university, our faculty are very accessible to undergraduates, and our graduate students benefit from smaller cohorts that foster connections and collaboration.

One of the fastest growing undergraduate criminology programs in America


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