Kendall Riley

Graduate Student

I graduated from Indiana University in 2020 with B.S. degrees in human biology and psychology. I then went on to get my MA in sociology from the University of Iowa in 2022. My research is at the intersection of public health, sociology, and criminology.

During my undergraduate education, I worked in clinical psychology and social psychology laboratories on projects centered around substance use, stigma, and youth self-control. These experiences jumpstarted my interest on how adverse and stressful life experiences shape health over the life course. In graduate school, my research explores the social determinants of health. More specifically, I study how traumas, especially those within the criminal legal system, impact physical health. I also aim to highlight positive life experiences that can promote healthy aging.

Outside of research, I enjoy reading, weightlifting, playing with my cats, and window shopping.

Kendall Riley Picture
B.S., Indiana University; M.A., University of Iowa