Kaylin Campbell

Graduate Student

Office Hours:
By appointment

Kaylin is a doctoral student who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of North Florida and her Master of Arts from the University of Iowa. Her master’s work examined the role of gender and sexuality on third-party intervention and intimate partner violence (IPV). Kaylin is an aspiring criminologist whose present area of research broadly focuses on juvenile justice as well as the intersection of crime and health. She currently works as a Data Analyst for the Comprehensive Injury Center (CIC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) in Milwaukee. Her work with MCW focuses on violence prevention and community engagement. She has assisted in teaching courses in Statistics, American Crime, Interpersonal Violence, and Race, Crime and Justice. Outside of academia, she enjoys spending time with her wife and their two dogs. 

Kaylin Burgess
B.A., University of North Florida; M.A., University of Iowa