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Jennifer Glanville’s recent and ongoing research contributes to two main lines of inquiry: (1) the consequences of social capital (social connections that enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to achieve goals) and (2) the sources of generalized trust (trust in strangers).

Her research on the consequences of social capital has focused on a range of outcomes, including volunteering, academic achievement, oral health, self-rated health, and subjective well-being. In one current project, she is investigating the role of social capital in the immigrant-native gap in subjective well-being. Another project on the consequences of social capital investigates the role of various types of trust on self-rated health as well as differences in the consequence of social capital across high and low income countries. In a series of articles on the sources of generalized trust, she have used multiple methods to evaluate a debate concerning whether individuals learn to trust or distrust generalized others in part through ongoing social interactions in adulthood or whether experiences with known others are irrelevant to assessments of generalized trust. In a current project on the sources of generalized trust, she is assessing the role of individualism/collectivism in cross-national variation in trust.

She teaches courses on social problems, community and urban sociology, sociology of education, social capital, and structural equation models.

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Research areas
  • Stratification
  • Political Sociology
Jennifer Glanville
Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
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