Ei Miyauchi

Graduate Student

Spring 2024 Office Hours:
By appointment

I’m Ei (), born in Seoul, and mostly grew up in Tokyo. Having worked for a few years in Japan, I experienced various forms of persistent modern racism, and society’s unwillingness to publicly admit/discuss the situation. 

I led the project depicting work-related racism, and from the surveys and interviews, I found that the situation was trivialized to a matter of personal sensitivity as a result of the lack of social acceptance of the concept of racism. Living as a half-Korean in Japan, racism has always been embedded in my life, but at this point, I decided to pursue this theme as a researcher. My interest revolves around capturing the process/consequences of racism (stratification, inequality).


I earned my B.A. in International Relations and Development Studies at International Christian University in Japan (2017), and MSc in Development Studies at London School of Economics (2018).