Daisy Torres


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Position: Community Outreach Assistant with the Iowa City Police Department

Skills Gained While at Iowa:  Examining various criminological theories and their real world applications was very useful, as was learning about trauma and victimization. I was able to refine my communication skills though the Practicum in Policing and Internship course. 

What Were your Favorite Classes While a Student in the Department?:  Practicum in Policing and Juvenile Delinquency. The practicum was a great introduction to the hands on aspects of policing. In Juvenile Delinquency we explored theories and discussed real-life applications of the material  - that  made the class interesting and applicable to my current position. 

Hobbies – Pets – Family: With the pandemic, I've taken up reading again. I'm a big fan of historical fiction and nonfiction as well as a good thriller. Luna, a stray my family took in, made her way up to Iowa with my partner and I after I graduated. My family lives in a suburb of Houston – I love to visit them when I have time off in  the Winter. 

Torres Photo
University of Iowa, Criminology, Law and Justice, Spring 2019