Have you ever discovered surprising ways that your sociology and criminology training has been applicable in the work world? Have you ever thought about how you might have reshaped your college educational trajectory, knowing what you do now about the "real" world? Have you ever thought that it might be interesting to meet current undergraduate sociology and criminology majors at Iowa? If so, please help us to put your career insights and experience to work for current Iowa students!

The sociology and criminology department has initiated an alumni network aimed at helping current students to benefit from alumni career wisdom, We are currently establishing a database of alumni who would be willing to offer periodic assistance to current students. We hope to make you a part of this alumni career network. As a network member, how you assist current students could take any number of forms, depending on your constraints and interests. You might simply allow students to contact you occasionally for brief informational interviews about your occupation. Or, you might allow a student to "shadow" you, joining you in the work place for a few days in order to get a feel for your job. You might also help to arrange a student internship, or let us know about existing internship opportunities in your work place.

Filling out the attached form allows us to add you to our database and lets us know how you envision being able to help current students, but doesn't commit you to providing this assistance. We welcome alumni with any type of sociology and criminology degree (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) and of all occupations. Please get in touch even if your current or past occupations don't seem to be likely careers for sociology and criminology majors. Our students end up in a very wide range of jobs, and your insights could be invaluable to them.

Help us to use your experiences to inspire the next generation of Hawkeyes!

How I can help