Maddie Libao

Graduate Student

Spring 2024 Office Hours: 
By appointment

In 2020, I received my BA in Sociology with a minor in Sustainability from Baldwin Wallace University (BW). While at BW, I participated in research aimed at exploring food insecurity amongst college students and the impact of after-school programming in elementary schools. 

I joined the University of Iowa’s Sociology and Criminology department in 2020 and received my MA in 2023 titled “Racial Identity Among Asian Americans: Factors that Contribute to Racial Identity Formation and Identity Contestation”. My master’s thesis examined beauty standards in the Asian American community, experiences with colorism, and racial identity formation. My research interests include racial boundaries, whiteness, racial identity formation, and colorism. Additionally, I am passionate about teaching and creating accessible and inclusive courses. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my son and husband, reading, listening to Kpop, and trying new recipes. 

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B.A., Baldwin Wallace University
M.A., University of Iowa